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Tuesday, 19 March 2019



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UAB „IG Trans LT" jauna ir perspektyvi tarptautinių pervežimų kompanija. Savo veiklą plečiame Europos sąjungos ir NVS šalyse.

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"IG Trans LT" is a young and promising international transportation company. Expand its activities in the European Union and CIS countries.
Currently, our fleet of 14 car-carriers and 2 road trains. Cars haul 80 to 10 seats trucks, specially modified equipment to ensure reliable and safe transport of freight.

"IG Trans LT" is Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association LINAVA candidate members.
Our company is ready to provide international car transportation services, and counseling.

Cooperating with us, you'll be comfortable, because you know that your car is always safe and timely manner to reach the addressee.
Number of employees

Since its inception, the number of employees to rise. Companies operating at the beginning of our team consisted of seven employees. The increasing number of customers and rack fleet, the ranks of companies papildėdar several professional and your work perfectly knowledgeable staff.


Our vehicle park consists of fourteen own rack and two articulated lorries.
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